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Secured Property Backed Lending

Interest 5.00% p.a

3 year Term

Capital at risk. 

Minimum £1,000

Interest Paid Annually

Interest 6.00% p.a.

5 Year Term

Capital at risk. 

Minimum £1,000

Interest Paid Annually

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Saxon Trust plc provides loans to property developers and investors, secured directly against the property and with additional security such as personal guarantees and debentures where possible.

When investing in the bond, you are investing in Saxon Trust plc and your investment is spread across the entire portfolio of secured property loans giving you instant diversification across of portfolio with a targeted loan to value of 60%, meaning that a property would have to fall in value by more than 40% for the loan to loose capital. The maximum LTV of any loan in the

portfolio is 75%.

Capital at risk

I invested in a Saxon Trust Shield Bond to to get a maximum return on my investment. It was really quick, simple and hassle free.

Peter invested at 6.00% for a 5 year term


Fixed rates of interest

The Saxon Trust Shield-Bond offers a fixed rate of interest which will remain consistent for the length of the investment term.


Available in 3 - 5 Year Terms

Investors can choose to 3 - 5 year terms to achieve a regular income or choose to roll it up and receive it at maturity. Please note, the The Saxon Trust Shield-Bond is non-transferable and all terms have a fixed rate and duration.


Investing together in UK property

We invest your money alongside our own, backed against UK residential property. All funds are spread across eligible loans for maximum diversification. It is important to remember, if a borrower enters into default, your capital and interest are at risk.

Three good reasons to invest in Saxon Trust Shield Bonds

£100 million +

Loans funded
since 2006

£12 million +

Interest paid to investors

since 2006

We lend our own money alongside yours

Interest from

6.00% pa

We offer market leading Interest rates from 6%

capital is at risk.

The funds you invest are used to make loans to developers alongside our own capital so we're all lending our money together. 

We think this is important as we never make a loan that we wouldn't put our own money behind and which hasn't been through our stringent due diligence process. 

Welcome to the Saxon Trust family.

capital is at risk.

Tax Free Returns with a Saxon Trust ISA or through your pension

You can invest in Saxon Trust Shield Bonds through your classic account. Or, if you're a UK tax-payer, set up a Saxon Trust ISA for tax free investing. 

If you would like to transfer in funds from existing ISAs, please download a paper form below and return it to us.

Shield Bonds are also available for investment via personal pensions. If you are interested please get in touch

Interest from

5.00% pa

3 year term

Capital is at risk. 

Interest from

6.00% pa

5 year term

Capital is at risk.


Please read the full prospectus before investing.



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Saxon Trust provides mortgage loans to non-owner occupiers for the purposes of business. Your property is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on mortgage loans. 

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